The French Research Center in Jerusalem (CRFJ)

n° 386 - September 2000


The French Research Center in Jerusalem is a joint research unit of the CNRS and the General Directorate for International Cooperation and Development (DGCID) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Founded in 1952 by Jean Perrot as the "Mission archéologique française", it is the CNRS's oldest foreign branch; in 1974, it became the permanent French archeological base. Since the 1980s, researchers in a variety of fields have been working in the framework of bilateral cooperation programs. Dominique Bourel has been director of the Center since 1996.
The CRFJ hosts CNRS agents, academics and research fellows and works together with Israeli and French institutions of higher education. It is supported by the French Institute and the cultural and cooperation department of the French Embassy. The CFRJ publishes its findings in various reviews and publications, and organizes monthly seminaries and yearly symposia.
For a list of publications, seminaries and symposia, see the French version of this article.

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