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July 2001
Flights over the Pacific
The evolution of Alpine glaciers over the twentieth century and climate changes
But why does the Earth shake for so long?
Regional transport policies: A survey of the Inter-regional Policy Observatory
Activated on the inside


May-June 2001
Psychological harassment at work
From Parisian chic to Nouvelle Vague : Fashion in the sixties
Antibodies in plants
A simple method for evaluating thermodynamic properties of minerals
A first for Concordia Station
ELYSE: Studying Ultrashort Reaction Times
A research program for more reliable brake systems
Mathematical management of financial risks


April 2001
GM plants and the environment
Too many neurons
Hominid history and chimeric genes
What motivates volunteers?
Robots and anthropology
Composite materials for the third millennium : Raman spectrometry analysis of ceramic fibers
A device to reduce lead contamination in household water
Thermomechanical treatments of interest for industry
Watching atoms dance: Femtosecond-scale dynamics of structures
Publication of "Images de la physique 2000"
EDELWEISS and the missing mass of the universe
Experiment for direct WIMP detection


March 2001
t-PA and glutamate : The harbingers of neuronal death
Conduction by molecular wires - the proof from DNA
Spring-Summer collection 2001 - Bactericidal fabrics soon in fashion
No lightning on Venus
Records and the law
Museums, works of art, and the law
Ion beam photography and 21st century daguerreotypes


February 2001
Gypsum rosette, magic dust and grains of rice: Static and dynamic behavior of granular media
3D Imaging for Materials and Biological Tissues: Third harmonic generation laser scanning microscopy
Chemists and biologists work together to develop research into iron metabolism
Bradykinin: Hormone relief for pain and inflammation?
New system to improve air travel safety
Diagnostic cardiovascular disease : will the catheter soon be history ?
Intriguing small non-coding RNAs in mammalian brains


January 2001
History and philosophy of Science
Islands and genes - the Sao Tomé's "Golden Fly"
Co-ordination chemistry of technetium99, biology and medecine
The emergence of life and the applications of evolutionary chemistry
Catalysis, chemistry and computers : a CD-Rom library of mathematical models applied to catalytic experiments
Corrosion of precious metals (palladium and platinium) under reducing electrolysis : Formation of new materials by bulk electrolyte insertion
What will the North Atlantic currents be like next Thursday? The dawn of operational oceanography
Caves and climat history : Stalagmites as valuable indicators of environnemental evolution


December 2000
A for Amoebae and Algae, B for Bacteria
Arsenic and old basins : Rivers contamined by mining sites
Balmer deuterium lines detected for the first time
The albatross, an exceptional biological model
Structure of the stathmin-tubulin complex : a better definition of the assembly of microtubules
Ramadan - a social and political affair
Questioning the impact of parental neglect on juvenile delinquency : a summary of research findings
Memory and forgetting : the police record
From light to electricity
Organization and combinatorial optimization


October-november 2000
Michel Lazdunski, specialist of ion channels, receives CNRS Gold medal for the year 2000
A cleaner catalyst for washing powder, paint and diapers
Vietnamese ancient ceramics
Head in the cloud...
EXPRESSO : a program for the study of the tropical atmosphere
A cosmic ruler, or how to measure the curvature of the universe
Of robots and men
Thermometers for cryogenic fluids

N° 386

September 2000
Special report : Mass spectrometry
  • Introduction
  • Museum's hidden treasures are brought to light
  • Accelerator mass spectrometry
  • Mass spectrometry for structural biology
  • Chemical and isotopic analysis of rocks by ion microprobe
  • West-German-Israeli relations from 1949 to 1956
    The French research center in Jerusalem (CRFJ)
    One century, twenty-six volumes and a thousand years of history
    Collective intelligence in ants and optimization techniques for computer programs
    The same mechanism initiates gene replication in humans and in a microorganism from the deep sea
    A new route to the origin of homochirality; enantioselective magnetochiral photochemistry

    N° 385

    July 2000
    Special report : Parasitism
  • Parasitism, ecology and evolution
  • Parasitism, a major force in population evolution
  • Genome of parasites ?
  • Exogenous DNA and domestication strategies of host genomes
  • Evolution of parasitism and co-evolution
  • Host-parasite phylogeny : a macro-evolutionary approach
  • Narbonne's retable reveals its secrets
    Life at the bottom of the illuminated layer of the Deep Blue Sea
    Analysis of topoisomerase II by micromanipulation
    "Le choix d'Alice" (Alice's choice)
    Shape recognition and visual strategy
    Photons that speak volumes : coupling Raman and photoelectronic imagery
    Diam-BINAP, poly-NAP : recyclable enantioselective catalysts
    Third accelerator at C.E.R.I. : a new tool for studying defects in materiels
    The first free-electron laser to operate in the ultraviolet region by self-amplified spontaneous emission
    Disposable" sensor for the continous monitoring of the rheological properties of mortar and concrete


    Research and preventive archeology
    Editorial of Françoise Audouze

    N° 384

    May-June 2000
    Centaurus A, a Giant Elliptical Cannibal Galaxy
    Formation of Molecular Gas in the Tails of Interacting Galaxies
    A Dusty Disc Orbiting a Young Star
    Sexy plants : Understanding the Evolution of the Y Chromosome in Plants
    Bugs, Flies, and Spuds : a Story of Co-evolution
    New Carbon Fibers Made out of Nanotubes
    Everyone Should Hava a Right to Professional Training
    Journey into red
    EUROBALL IV at the Limits of Nuclear Cohesion



    World Mathematical Year 2000
    The new relations between mathematics and society

    N° 383

    April 2000
    Research Network on Psychoactive Substances, Politics, and Society
    Drugs: An Area of Research that Receives Too Little Attention from the Social Sciences
    Public Health Policy and the Use of Methadone as a Replacement Drug: Why France Lagged Behind
    The Complex Relationship Between Drug Use and Prostitution
    Giant Molecules for Enantioselective Syntheses
    Dendrimers: Sophisticated Polymers with a Variety of Applications
    First Observation of the Valence Electron Density in a Small Protein by high Resolution X-ray Diffraction
    A Tomographic Probe to image and Analyze Cottrell Atmospheres in 3D at an Atomic Scale
    A Worldwide "First": The Complete Sequence of Chromosomes 2 and 4 of the Plant Arabidopsis thaliana

    N° 381

    February 2000
    Mesoscale Alpine Program: Initial Results of Observation Campaign
    A new approach towards desulfurization of diesel oil
    The Importance of Head modelling: An Improved Prototype and mathematical model for the Simulation of Head Injuries During Collisions
    Harlequins: Taking a Closer Look at Romantic Novels
    A Historical-Sociological Look at How to Overcome Intolerance and Hatred
    French Families Cannot Adopt Foreign Children In the Event of Disagreement with French Law
    Internet: A New Model for Scientific Communication?

    N° 380

    January 2000
    The Ergonomics of Human-Machine Interfaces
    Light on Cold Atoms Coherent Backscattering by a Sample of Cold Atoms
    Vectorization of Drugs: Intracellular Targeting with Nanoparticles
    Hepatitis C Virus: To the development of specific antiviral therapy
    THESEO 99
    Observing very young massive stars
    Lithium in Lunar Soil Provides Clues about Solar Activity
    Making Time Stop its Course: A History of Calendars

    N° 378

    October - November 1999
    Controlling Molecular Chirality : Right and Left Handedness in Chemistry
    Silicon Chips: Millions Of Transistors In A Micro-World Tools and methods for verifying integrated systems
    Campaigns to Raise AIDS Awareness: The Government and AIDS Non-Governmental Organizations
    The Rights of People Living with HIV
    The Contribution of Research to Educational Policy 
    The 1999 CNRS Gold Medal is Awarded to Jean-Claude Risset, Computer Music Specialist

    N° 377

    September 1999
    A Close-up Look at Rain
    Ovary smells " in ants without queens

    N° 376

    July 1999
    Ezrin: A new player in epithelial cell survival
    Bactericide Produced Naturally in Plants Inhibits Escherichia coli Enzyme
    Hold on to the Night": An Anthropological Look at Bars
    Paris during the Interwar Years: City of Dreams
    The Conservation of Documents on Transparent Paper in Public Collections
    Dominoes and Two-Dimensional Ferromagnetism
    Urane Sx: An Ultra-Agile Machine Tool

    N° 375

    June 1999
    The 14th Of July Ball
    History As Seen Through Money
    Cultural Cohabitation In Europe
    High Performance Computing and Networking 200 Applications Involving SMEs
    A Molecular Analysis Of The Genetic Variation of Strains Of Escherichia Coli Bacteria
    Insects Stay On The "Defensin" — A team of European and American researchers bring the spontaneous immune system back into the limelight
    Supercurrents through Carbon Nanotubes

    N° 374

    May 1999
    Quantum Optics And Information Protection
    Earnings Insecurity and Family Insecurity
    Can one " Film " the movement of atoms during a chemical reaction?
    Femtosecond dynamics of hydrogen bonds in water
    The Sun, All Fire And Fury The great issues of today


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