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Soap-bubble cyclones

At the "Ondes et Matière’" laboratory in Aquitaine, soap bubbles have become a study subject for detecting instability and turbulence. The aim is to simulate flux and flows to create faithful models of vortexes comparable to natural phenomena such as cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons.

Watch the video The photo report
The press release (16 December 2013)
The article on CNRS Int. Magazine (April 2014)


Insects, small-scale physics

At the Insect Biology Research Institute (IRBI), under the direction of Jérôme Casas, biologists, ecologists and mathematicians work on physical ecology. They’re interested in the solid and fluid mechanics of insect life...

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© CNRS Photothèque  /  Cyril FRESILLONMargaret Buckingham, a biologist fascinated by development

Researcher Margaret Buckingham, a specialist in stem cells and in the formation of skeletal muscle and the heart, was awarded the 2013 CNRS Gold Medal.

Watch the video The photo report
The press release (18 September 2013)
The article on CNRS Int. Magazine (January 2014)


© CNRS Photothèque  /  Jean-Marc FADAYFaster than Light?

Neutrinos that travel faster than light? This seems to be the conclusion of the measurements performed by a team of researchers led by Dario Autiero, a CNRS researcher, as part of the OPERA international experiment.

More in the Catalogue The photo album Press release The article (Oct. 2011)



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Last update: December 16, 2011

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