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The first-ever study of habituated mandrills
in their natural environment reveals their social relationships and how these impact individuals’ health.
The he “hunt,” so to speak, is on. The Mandrillus project team, who has left its research station located in Bakoumba (Southern Gabon) a few kilometers away, parks its jeep at the edge of the forest in Lékédi Park. It’s just before sunrise, on an April morning in 2013.

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Soap-bubble cyclones

At the "Ondes et Matière’" laboratory in Aquitaine, soap bubbles have become a study subject for detecting instability and turbulence. The aim is to simulate flux and flows to create faithful models of vortexes comparable to natural phenomena such as cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons.

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The press release (16 December 2013)
The article on CNRS Int. Magazine (April 2014)


Insects, small-scale physics

At the Insect Biology Research Institute (IRBI), under the direction of Jérôme Casas, biologists, ecologists and mathematicians work on physical ecology. They’re interested in the solid and fluid mechanics of insect life...

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© CNRS Photothèque  /  Cyril FRESILLONMargaret Buckingham, a biologist fascinated by development

Researcher Margaret Buckingham, a specialist in stem cells and in the formation of skeletal muscle and the heart, was awarded the 2013 CNRS Gold Medal.

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The press release (18 September 2013)
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© CNRS Photothèque  /  Hubert RAGUETThe Stradivarius supremacy called into question

The recent publication of a study done in Paris shows that virtuosos couldn't tell the difference between a Stradivarius and new violins any better than if they guessed at random. Here is a photo report of an additional experiment carried out in New York and whose results will be published in the near future.

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© CNRS Photothèque  /  Cyril FRESILLONIN IMAGES - A temple for Nanosciences

The new nanoscience building at the Institut Néel in Grenoble is a unique facility in Europe. Fully isolated from external disturbances, it should open new perspectives in quantum information, crystallogenesis, microscopy, and nanofabrication.

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© CNRS Photothèque/ESPCI/MMC  /  Alba MARCELLANLIVE FROM THE LABS - Tiny Particles that Bind

A new technique using nanoparticles to glue gels together holds exciting prospects for biomedical applications.

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The press release (11 December 2013)


© CNRS Photothèque  /  Hubert RAGUETIN IMAGES - Mapping Petra's Secrets

Researcher Laïla Nehmé has just published the first ever
archeological and epigraphic atlas of Petra. An invaluable tool for the management and conservation of this extraordinary site in Jordan, the atlas describes 600 new inscriptions and thousands of monuments.

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© CNRS Photothèque  /  Cyril FRESILLONLIVE FROM THE LABS - Organic Solar Cells

Simple organic molecules could in the future become a cheaper and far greener alternative to silicon for producing solar panels, reveals a recent study by CNRS researchers...

The article (October 2013) The photo report


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