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CNRS and Wolfgang Pauli Institute (WPI) : Renewal of the Pauli International Joint Unit (UMI) in Vienna

28 novembre 2016

As part of a ceremony which took place on November 21st at the French Embassy in Vienna, the renewal amendment to the agreement which created the UMI “CNRS-Pauli Institute” was signed by the Director of the National Institute for Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions (INSMI), Mr. Christoph Sorger, and the President of the WPI board of directors, Prof. Georg Gottlob, Professor at the University of Oxford and the Vienna University of Technology.

The new UMI director and Vice-President of the WPI is Prof. Thorsten Schumm, Austrian Science Funds (FWF) “START prize” winner, laureate of a “Starting Grant” from the European Research Council (ERC) and quantum physics Professor at the Vienna University of Technology.

Prof. Mauser, director of the WPI and outgoing director of the UMI, Professor at the Vienna University of Technology and “START prize” winner, is the founder of the French-Austrian cooperation.

The Vienna University and University of Technology are also involved in the cooperation with France, especially by placing facilities such as offices at the disposal of the scientists invited by the WPI.

Each year, fifty to sixty French researchers visit the WPI, among which three to four benefit from long-term exchanges (from six months up to two years) as part of the agreement with the CNRS to work with Viennese scientists.

Finally, an agreement was signed between the WPI and the INRIA too.