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Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the CNRS-RFBR partnership in Moscow

31 décembre 2016

On the occasion of the ceremony for the 20th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the CNRS and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), a high-level CNRS delegation led by Professor Alain SCHUHL, Director of the Institute of Physics, travelled to Moscow from November, 9th to November, 11th, 2016. This mission was the opportunity to highlight the strong scientific cooperation links which exist between French and Russian scientists, and to sign two agreements.
On November 10th, in the Central House of Scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, the CNRS delegation met the RFBR delegation, officials from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and scientists from both countries to take part in conferences and thematic round tables, and to attest their cooperations supported by the CNRS and the RFBR.

Group picture during the ’’RFBR-CNRS : Twenty years cooperation in supporting Russian-French research ’’ conference (© RFBR/ РФФИ)

During this conference, Professor Alain SCHUHL and Academician Vladislav PANCHENKO, RFBR President, signed the new framework-agreement for the scientific cooperation between the RFBR and the CNRS. This agreement enabled the formalization and reassertion of the strong involvement of both institutions in the success of the French-Russian scientific partnership.

Professor Alain Schuhl, Director of the CNRS Institute of Physics with Academician Vladislav Panchenko, RFBR President (©RFBR / РФФИ)

The day before, on November 9th, the CNRS delegation had been invited to the Ceremony of the “Palmes Académiques” [1] which took place in the house of Mr. Jean Maurice Ripert, French Ambassador in Russia. The “Palme” was given to ten prominent Russian scientists working for prestigious research institutions which have, for decades, contributed to significantly reinforce the cooperation with French researchers as part of International Associated Laboratories (LIA) and International Research Networks (GDRI).

Group picture of the Russian scientists who received a “Palme Académique” (© Anna Tikhomirova)

The ceremony was also the opportunity for the CNRS and the National University of Research in Information Technology, Photonics and Optics of Saint-Petersburg (ITMO) to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) allowing the development of joint research projects between the Poncelet Laboratory (CNRS UMI in Moscow) and the ITMO in the fields of numerical humanities used in the restoration, reconstruction and preservation of the historical and architectural heritage.

Mrs Hélène NAFTALSKI, Director of the CNRS Paris Michel-Ange regional delegation(Paris Michel-Ange) and Professor Vladimir NIKIFOROV, ITMO’s Vice-Officer for Research in Saint-Petersburg (© Anna Tikhomirova)

[1] 1 : a “Palme Académique” is a decoration for services to education, the arts or science