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The CNRS launches its first joint call for projects with South Korean National Research Foundation

6 avril 2017

The signature of the ‘Letter of intent’ between the CNRS and the South Korean National Research Foundation (NRF) acknowledged the common interest and objectives that the two institutions share in advanced scientific research.

Indeed, from the collaborations of French and Korean researchers can result new opportunities to exchange ideas, information, skills and to create a synergy between complementary areas of expertise to strengthen cooperative activities in the field of research between the two countries.

To achieve these common objectives, the CNRS and NRF decided to launch a call for projects in order to fund International Joint Research Project in all fields of research for 2 years. These projects will be jointly coordinated by partners coming from research units affiliated to CNRS and South Korean laboratories.

Both institutions strongly encourage the participation of young scientists. Moreover, previous co-publications existing between the French and South Korean project coordinators will constitute an asset in the evaluation of their proposal.

Identical proposals have to be submitted simultaneously by the French partners to the CNRS and by the South Korean partners to the NRF by May 2nd, 2017.

In the framework of this bilateral call for projects, international mobility will mainly be funded. Therefore the CNRS has devoted a budget of 7000€ per project.

Who can submit a proposal in France ?

Researchers and Professor-Researchers from CNRS laboratories, including Joint Research Units (UMR) whether they are hired by CNRS or by its partner institution, can be involved in the projects.

Where can proposals be submitted ?

Be careful. Only one proposal by project coordinator will be taken into account. In addition, the proposals need to be certified by the visa of the research unit director by validation until May 2nd, 2017.

How will proposals be evaluated ?

The CNRS and the NRF will proceed to the evaluation and selection of projects based on the scientific quality of the proposals. Results of the joint selection will be published by the end of 2017, and the projects will start by the beginning of 2018.

Agenda :
Deadline for submitting a joint proposal to CNRS and NRF : May 2nd, 2017

Contact person at CNRS :
Caroline Danilovic, International programme Manager, caroline.danilovic

Credits : CC BY-SA 2.5