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March 15th, 2017 : celebrating the 10th anniversary of the ERC with EU13

12 avril 2017

For the 10th anniversary of the ERC, the CNRS organized, at its headquarters, an event dedicated to “ERC and EU13”.

CNRS strongly supports the ERC which, within just a decade, has become a worldwide success for funding the best bottom-up research, and a gold standard for European excellence in frontier research. CNRS also attaches great importance to its cooperation with the EU13 Member States and is committed to building a stronger and more inclusive European Research Area.

This anniversary event took the form of a workshop gathering the ERC President, one of the ERC Vice-President, two Members of the ERC Council, and high-level representatives of research partner institutions and funding agencies from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.

As the results of the ERC competition are not equally distributed in the European Research Area, this event was an opportunity, and a first step, to learn more about the experience of the EU13 countries related to the participation of their scientists in the ERC calls, as well as to discuss their difficulties and initiatives aimed at improving the prospects of success for their applicants.

Mobility through Europe is the key towards a better European science. The national support schemes for excellence, and in particular the Visiting Fellowship Programs [1] for Potential ERC Candidates, launched by several EU13 countries to promote mobility of their scientists across Europe, were presented by the various EU13 speakers.

The Research Council of Norway also highlighted their strategic collaboration with the ERC, showcasing the EEA & Norway Grant schemes as an effort to complement the ERC action in supporting the best research talent in lower participation countries.

Hopefully, this workshop will contribute to facilitating further initiatives for training talents in research, thus encouraging young researchers from EU13 to visit research groups hosting ERC grantees. It is also intended to give a further impulse to cooperation with the EU13 countries, thus strengthening the ERA as a whole. This will allow Europe to better draw on and capitalize on all existing potential for excellent research.

Group picture taken during the event

[1] Link :
Visiting Research Fellowships : A number of European countries fund research visits to established ERC projects in order to develop researchers’ potential before they apply for their first ERC grant. For more information, please refer to paragraph “Visiting Research Fellowships”