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The President of the National Natural Science Foundation of China welcomed to Paris by the CNRS

28 juin 2017

The Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) is the main funding agency for Chinese scientific research and technology. Its annual budget of 3 billion euros makes it possible for NSFC to compete with the American NSF, but also to support Chinese research, to attract new skilled scientists, to develop its international cooperation and to promote a social and economic development.

In the context of visits across Europe, a delegation, led by NSFC President Prof. Dr. YANG Wei, was welcomed by the CNRS in Paris on Friday, June 9th. Mr. FENG Feng, Director General of the Bureau of International Relations, Mr. FAN Yingjie, Director of the European Affairs Department, and Mr. SUN Yuming, Ministerial Advisor for the Chinese Embassy in France, also took part in this event.

Along the meeting, CNRS Director of International Cooperation Patrick NEDELLEC and Prof. Dr. YANG Wei deeply agreed on their wish to strengthen the existing collaborations between their respective institutions.

Credits : CNRS

Indeed, in the past years, the CNRS has doubled the number of structuring initiatives undertaken with China. In addition to the co-funding of fifteen Joint Research Project every year, the International Joint Unit E2P2L (Eco-efficient Products and Processes Laboratory) located in Shanghai, the eighteen International Associated Laboratories and the six International Research Networks reflect the fruitful exchanges and shared interests between the CNRS and its Chinese partners to working together.

The discussions between the CNRS and the NSFC on the futures joint initiatives should continue over the upcoming months, particularly with the AUR@SIA Symposium organized by the CNRS units in Asia and which is to take place on November 28th and 29th, 2017 in Shanghai.