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Appel « Fellowship program under Asia-Euro Policy Dialogue » - EHESS, GRIPS (Japon) et CSIS (Jakarta).

15 septembre 2017

Un appel « Fellowship program under Asia-Euro Policy Dialogue » est mis en place entre l’EHESS, le GRIPS (Japon) et le CSIS (Jakarta).

Date limite de candidature : 29 septembre 2017

Pour en savoir plus

Please find below information on the Fellowship program under Asia-Euro Policy Dialogue (AEPD). This program is to encourage intellectual exchanges among ASEAN, Europe and Japan. Two scholarships which will be granted to ASEAN applicants.

Eligible researchers (mid-career level researchers), intellectuals and policy makers are to be nominated for facilitating intellectual exchanges on political and economic themes in the regions, and those fellows shall conduct for a certain period of time their own research and lecture at an appropriate graduate school or any other research institutes. Possible topics may be transnational issues affecting ASEAN region and its partners such as environment, geographical security issues, social inequalities and economic growth. This list is not exhaustive.

Three core institutions, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Japan (hereinafter referred to as “GRIPS”), Centre for Strategic and International Studies, Jakarta, Indonesia and Ecole de Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France (known as “EHESS”) will accept the fellows and help their research activities during their stay. In addition to the research at three core institutions, the fellow will be able to visit other universities or research institutions in the region for research activities.

To apply : aepd/en/ne... Please find more details on the attached documents and spread the word to faculties and universities which may be interested in.

Application deadline has been extended to September, 29, 2017.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact :

Mr. Sebastien Lechevalier, sebastien.lechevalier Director of Studies at EHESS President of the Foundation France Japan

Or Mr. Ken Daimaru , ken.daimaru Engineer for research and training, EHESS

Asia-Euro Policy Dialogue (AEPD) is the global policy research project, which aims to encourage exchanges among ASEAN countries, Europe and Japan on Southeast Asia’s current reality and beyond. This project attempts to increase awareness on the political and economic significance of Southeast Asia in the international community and also to further operationalize the policy lessons for the sake of ASEAN countries by means of sharing such experiences and knowledges that Europe and Japan has gained in the past.

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Terms and conditions final
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Fellowship application instructions