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The CNRS and the Chinese society Infinitus inaugurated the “Hoffmann Infinitus Program”

5 octobre 2017

On September, 15th 2017, Mr. Lam Yu, Senior Vice President of LKK Health Products Group and Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Infinitus Company Ltd, along with Prof. Michel Mortier, Chief Technology Transfer Officer of CNRS, formally signed the “Hoffmann Infinitus Program”, highlighting the collaboration between the CNRS and the Chinese society Infinitus.

Prof. Jules A. Hoffmann, the 2011 Nobel Laureate for Physiology or Medicine, and his team attended the official ceremony alongside Michel Deneken, the President of University of Strasbourg, Patrice Souillé, regional representative of the CNRS in Alsace as well as Jacky Hu, General Manager, William MA, Chief Scientist and Bill Che, Director of Infinitus Delegation (China) Company Ltd.

©Nicolas Busser

This close collaboration between the CNRS and Infinitus aims at exploring the potential roles of phytotherapy in the immune system regulation mechanism. The 4-year program will attempt to identify the various mode of actions of plants products used in Chinese medicine and study their impacts on the immune system.

The Infinitus Company currently runs the production of phytotherapy as well as traditional Chinese medicine products and leads research activities to improve the comprehension of the molecular and cellular mechanisms related to this pharmacopoeia. Its new cooperation with Professor Jules A. Hoffmann and his team from the CNRS laboratory RIDI “Immune Response and Development in Insects”, should lead to unlocking the full potential of traditional Chinese medicine, further understanding the ageing process, and improving public health.

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