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Creation of a French-Indian International Joint Unit in computer sciences : The UMI ReLaX

30 novembre 2017

The UMI ReLaX, French-Indian research laboratory in computer sciences, will especially focus on the fields of theoretical computer sciences (algorithmics, logic, combinatorial analysis, calculation models, complexity, as well as formal methods) and its direct applications such as verification, distributed systems or data science.

Designed as a platform, the UMI will ease the relations between France and India in this research fields. Also opened to the natural interactions with mathematics, ReLaX will aim at developing the industrial cooperations with French and Indian firms. It will rely on a network of Indian colleagues who have already worked in France and are willing to deepen the cooperation between France and India.

The Indian partners of this UMI are all internationally renowned scientists. The CMI benefits from a unique position in the Indian university environment with research groups in mathematics and theoretical computer sciences attracting consistent funding from both the State and private companies. It also gathers research groups in theoretical physics and more recently in computational biology.

ReLaX is the achievement of more than fifteen years of exchanges between research teams in informatics from both countries. Having started in 2000 with Cefipra projects, this cooperation led, in 2012, to the creation of the international associated laboratory INFORMEL. During those last five years, this French-Indian formal methods laboratory has led to the publication of more than 60 joint scientific articles and has allowed multiple visits of French scientists in India and Indian scientists in France, supported by a significant number of doctoral students and post-doctoral researchers.

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