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The CNRS and the Imperial College London have just established a joint laboratory in mathematics

23 janvier 2018

The Abraham de Moivre laboratory, hosted on the campus of the Imperial College, will gather leading scientists and students from both institutions. Run by Richard Craster, Professor of applied mathematics at the Imperial College, the laboratory aims at pushing forward the knowledge in the fields of number theory, mathematical analysis, biomathematics and financial mathematics.

This International Joint Unit has been named after French mathematician Abraham de Moivre (17th-18th centuries) who played a key role in the development of geometry and probability theory. As he lived in London and became a member of the Royal Society, he belonged to the British scientific community along with Isaac Newton and Edmond Halley.

Credits : CNRS

To celebrate this inauguration, the Imperial College and the CNRS organized, on Monday 15th January in London, an international symposium entitled “The new frontiers of mathematics”. Among the lecturers, two Fields Medal laureates - Martin Hairer, Professor at the Imperial College, and Cédric Villani, Professor at the Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and Member of the French Parliament - as well as the renown mathematicians Etienne Ghys, member of the Academy of Sciences and CNRS research director, and Emmanuel Breuillard, Professor at the University of Cambridge, had been invited.

This laboratory strengthens the existing ties between the Imperial College and the CNRS, and more generally between the French and British scientific communities. Those past five years, the scientists of both institutions have published over 2700 joint articles. To this date, they also have collaborated on 23 projects within the framework of the European H2020 program and have led 59 projects within the framework of the former FP7 program for a total budget approaching on billion euros. Since 2015, joint academic grants fund scientists’ stays.

As the first UMI established between the CNRS and a British institution, the Abraham de Moivre laboratory is the 37th CNRS International Joint Unit and the 10th UMI in the field of mathematics.