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The CNRS and the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israël) engage in a deeper scientific partnership

29 juin 2018

The signing ceremony is dedicated to the creation of an Associated International Laboratory called ImagiNano (Imaging, microscopy and nanoscience-enabled optics) between the two institutions around imaging and nanosciences, two emerging research domains.
Teams of both institutions have worked 9 years together to develop scientific research in nano-bio-photonics.
Now ImagiNano (2018-2021) extends this already fruitful partnership to two other Israeli institutions, such as Tel-Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
LIA Imaginano - ©CNRS

The CNRS, Ecole polytechnique, ENSTA-ParisTech and the Weizmann Institute of Science commit for 5 years in another partnership around the research activities of the Applied Optic Laboratory (French laboratory) and the Intense Laser Center (Israeli laboratory).
The signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will better circumscribe the existing scientific cooperation between both laboratories around radiobiology, early detection of tumours and innovating treatments against cancer.
MoU CNRS-Weizmann - ©CNRS