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As part of its cooperation agreements with funding agencies and foreign research bodies, the CNRS finances joint research projects (PRCs) enabling two research teams to work together. Young researchers are strongly encouraged to participate in these PRCs.

What is a PRC ?

A PRC is a research project jointly carried out by two researchers, one affiliated to a CNRS laboratory and the other to a foreign research partner. The PRC is jointly assessed and selected by the CNRS and the partner organization following a joint call for proposals.

What is the duration of a PRC?

The duration of a PRC varies according to the calls for proposals, and is generally of two to three years, not renewable.

Who qualifies for a PRC?

In France, CNRS researchers, academics and researchers from other organizations working in a CNRS research unit. Abroad, researchers and academics from an eligible research organization or auniversity.

Where and how to apply?

A call for proposals is published annually with each of the partners. The start and closing dates vary according to the countries concerned. The foreign partner must simultaneously file an application with their supervisory organization. A consolidated provisional budget must be provided with the scientific project.

How are applications assessed?

Scientific assessment is carried out in parallel in each country, by the CNRS and its partner organization. At the CNRS, the assessment is coordinated by the scientific Institutes. Projects are selected jointly.

How are PRCs financed?

Funding is provided by the CNRS and its partner. Each organization finances its researchers’ travel and living expenses. In the case of the CNRS, funding normally covers "additional international costs", i.e. assignments, meeting expenses, operating costs and small equipment. We recommend checking the funding conditions for each call for proposals.

A scientific and financial report is required annually.