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CNRS organizational chart

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Organizational chart

Management Board

  • Alain Fuchs, President
  • Anne Peyroche, Chief Research Officer
  • Christophe Coudroy, Chief Resources Officer

Institutes Directors

  • Institute of Biological Sciences (INSB)
    Catherine Jessus, Director
  • Institute of Chemistry (INC)
    Dominique Massiot, Director
  • Institute of Ecology and Environment (INEE)
    Stéphanie Thiébault, Director
  • Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences (INSHS)
    Patrice Bourdelais, Director
  • Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies (INS2I)
    Michel Bidoit, Director
  • Institute for Engineering and Systems Sciences (INSIS)
    Jean-Yves Marzin, Director
  • National Institute for Mathematical Sciences (INSMI)
    Christoph Sorger, Director
  • Institute of Physics (INP)
    Alain Schuhl, director
  • National Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics (IN2P3)
    Reynald Pain, Director
  • National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy (INSU)
    Pascale Delecluse, Director

Departments Directors

  • Department for the Territorial Organization of Research (DASTR)
    Jean-Noël Verpeaux, Director
  • European Research and International Cooperation Department (DERCI)
    Patrick Nédellec, Director
  • Innovation and Business Relations Department (DIRE)
    Marie-Pierre Comets, Director
  • Scientific and Technical Information Department (DIST)
    Renaud Fabre, Director
  • Communications Department (Dircom)
    Brigitte Perucca, Director
  • Mission for the Monitoring of and Relations with Regional Offices and Institutes (MPR)
    Joëlle Raguideau, Director
  • Accounts and Financial Information Department (DCIF)
    Marie-Laure Inisan-Ehret, Director
  • Financial Strategy, Real Estate and Modernization Department (DSFIM)
    Ophélie Robin, Interim Director
  • Department of Human Resources (DRH)
    Pierre Coural, Director
  • Legal Affairs Department (DAJ)
    Myriam Fadel, Director
  • Information Systems Department (DSI)
    Jean-Marc Voltini, Director
  • Security Department (DIRSU)
    Philippe Gasnot, Director