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Conférences, colloques

Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements

8-13 July 2018 | Paris
The Laboratoire national de métrologie et d’essais (LNE), in collaboration with the CNRS and the Observatoire de Paris, will host the 2018 Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements in Paris. This conference covers the frequency range from direct current (DC) to the optical region. CPEM attracts numerous attendees from national metrology institutes as well as researchers from university laboratories specialized in precision measurements, metrologists from industrial and government standards laboratories and representatives of manufacturers of the highest accuracy standards and measurement instruments. En savoir plus

International conference "Cutting-Edge Topics in Quantum Materials

16-19 October 2017 | Paris
This is the second edition in a series of conferences that aim at gathering the quantum materials community around exciting themes and topics of recent interest. This year’s conference will focus on : unconventional superconductors ; metallic phases with remarkable transport properties ; topological phases ; non equilibrium physics in correlated materials. En savoir plus

IGAFD : Interdisciplinary Geo-Astro Fluid Dynamics

16-18 October 2017 | Paris
Les enjeux, verrous et avancées Interdisciplinaires en Dynamique des Fluides Géophysiques et Astrophysiques. Un workshop organisé par la Mission Interdisciplinarité du CNRS et par 5 des 10 instituts du CNRS (INS2I, INSIS, INSMI, INP, INSU). En savoir plus

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