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Creation of the International Associated Laboratory « Quantum Circuits and Materials »

4 janvier 2017

On January 1st, 2017, the international associated laboratory for quantum circuits and materials (LIA-LCMQ), which involves the CNRS, the University of Paris-Sud and the University of Sherbrooke (Canada), will officially be implemented and operational. The research led in this new laboratory will concern, on the one hand, the development of quantum circuits and, on the second hand, the theoretical and experimental study of quantum materials.

The research led by the LIA-LCMQ, focusing mostly on fundamental physics, will hinge on four main areas :

  • quantum materials
  • the theory of quantum materials
  • superconductive quantum circuits
  • hybrid quantum circuits

Beyond the research, the LIA-LCMQ also aims at setting up new collaborations between the people working on quantum circuits and materials, who are notably in favor of both the enforcement of similar theoretical methods and the study of systems with topological properties at the interface between the two main research areas of the LIA.

Exchanging ideas and experts’ reports, along with sharing complementary experimental resources will be emphasized. The strengthening of the collaborations will be based on both clearly-identified scientific subjects and the exchange of students, the organization of workshops, summer schools or short-term stays in France and in Canada.

The laboratory will be co-directed, on the French side by Cyril Proust, CNRS research director in the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses), and on the Canadian side by Bertrand Reulet, professor at the Quantum Institute of the University of Sherbrooke. The LIA, which involves around 60 people, is the result of more than 10 years of collaborations between the Physics Department of the University of Sherbrooke and the community of French scientists.

The Institutions and laboratories involved in the LIA are :

JPEG - 319 ko
Group picture taken during the opening workshop which took place in Jouvence from October 27th to 29th, 2016