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La physique dans CNRS News

Graphene Inspires Promising New Materials

Mai 2017 - The first material of its kind, with a thickness of just one atom, graphene has opened the way to the development of other ultra-thin substances. Now being produced and studied in the laboratory, these new materials could find a wide range of applications in electronics and optics. Lire la suite sur

Welcome to the World’s Smallest Car Race

April 2017 - The world’s first molecule-car race—the Nanocar Race—was held on 28-29 April at the CEMES in Toulouse and was broadcast live on YouTube. We met Christian Joachim, senior researcher at the CNRS and organizer of this historic event. Lire la suite sur

The New Challenges of Spintronics

January 2017 - Spintronics, which uses both the electrical and magnetic properties of electrons, has greatly increased the storage capacity of hard drives since the 1990s. Today it opens up new avenues for the future of information technology. Lire la suite sur

An Immeasurable Quest for Precision

October 2016 - Time can now be measured with dizzying levels of precision, thanks in particular to contributions from the fields of optics and photonics. The quest for ultimate precision, however, is a long-term pursuit that is far from over. Lire la suite sur

Rock Stars

August 2016 - A new book by physicist Jean-Claude Boulliard traces the ins and outs of different mineral families, each more surprising than the next. Bridging the worlds of science and art is a surprising feat, as these intriguing shapes and mesmerizing colors will attest. Lire la suite sur

The Smallest Car Race in the World

May 2016 - The first-ever international race of molecule-cars will take place at the CEMES laboratory in Toulouse this fall. Five teams are fine-tuning their cars—each made up of around a hundred atoms and measuring a few nanometers in length. They will be propelled by an electric current on a gold atom "race track." We take you behind the scenes to see how these researcher-racers are preparing for the NanoCar Race. Lire la suite sur

The Principle of Equivalence Put to the Test

April 2016 - The Microscope satellite was placed in orbit this April. Its mission : test once more the principle of equivalence, a pillar of the theory of general relativity that postulates that all objects fall in the same way in a vacuum. Could Microscope be the first to invalidate it ? Lire la suite sur