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Molecular basis for membrane remodelling and organization

 French version

Roscoff (Brittany), France, November 15-19, 2014


Deadline for application: September 1rst, 2014


Chairperson: Bruno ANTONNY

Institut de Pharmacologie Moléculaire et Cellulaires, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis et CNRS, 660 route des lucioles, 06560 Valbonne, France
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 95 77 75 – Fax:+33 (0)4 93 95 77 75


Vice-chairperson: Pekka LAPPALAINEN

Institute of Biotechnology, P.O. Box 56, 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358-9-19159499 – Fax: +358-9-19159366


The aim of this conference is to present the most recent advances in the mechanisms of membrane remodelling and organization, that is, all cellular processes involving changes in the shape and dynamics of cellular membranes induced by specific proteins and/or lipids. This will be the second Jacques Monod Conference on this topic.

Membrane remodelling and organization are fields where creativity, new approaches and transversal work between biologists, chemists and physicists have an undisputable impact. Indeed, biological membranes still escape to standardization: they cannot be crystallized, they move, they fission and fuse, they contain hundreds of different lipids and last but not least, when an organelle starts delivering its secrets, other ones remain enigmatic and challenge our models. This conference will foster contacts and debates between researchers of different origins from physicists to biochemists, from theoreticians to cell biologists, from physiopathologists to geneticists.

Invited speakers
(provisional titles)


Yves Barral (Zürich, Switzerland)
Assembly and molecular mechanisms of lateral diffusion barriers in the yeast ER membrane

Patricia Bassereau (Paris, France)
Shaping membranes in vitro with BAR-domain proteins

Peter Cullen (Bristol, UK)
Endosomal sorting: Mechanistic details of retromer coat complexes

Oliver Daumke (Berlin, Germany)
Structure, function and mechanism of dynamin superfamily proteins

Pietro De Camilli (New Haven, USA)
Phosphoinositide signaling in membrane dynamics

Daniel Fletcher (Berkeley, USA)
Title to be coming

James Hurley (Berkeley, USA)
Membrane scaffolds and curvature sensors in autophagy

Cathy Jackson (Paris, France)
Protein targeting to lipid droplets and early secretory pathway membranes

Reinhard Jahn (Göttingen, Germany)
EMBO keynote lecture : Mechanism of SNARE-mediated membrane fusion

Ludger Johannes (Paris, France)
Glycosphingolipids in clathrin-independent endocytosis

Marko Kaksonen (Heidelberg, Germany)
Visualizing the dynamic architecture of the endocytic machinery

Emmanuel Lemichez (Nice, France)
Trans-endothelial cell tunnel healing: membrane-curvature driven cytoskeleton remodeling

Jan Siewert Marrink (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Driving forces for membrane protein sorting and clustering

Harvey McMahon (Cambridge, UK)
Membrane sculpting and endocytic pathways

Christien Merrifield (Gif sur Yvette, France)  
Single scission event analysis of ligand triggered endocytosis

Ewa Paluch (London, UK)
Title to be coming

Frédéric Pincet (Paris, France)
COPI-nanodroplets from aqueous buffer / triacylglyceride interfaces: budding, energy, in vitro and vivo implications

Britta Qualmann (Jena, Germany)   
Shaping membranes - Roles in neuronal organization and function

Aurélien Roux (Geneva, Switzerland)
Membrane mechanical control of the clathrin-mediated endocytosis

Michael Schlame (New York, USA)
Mitochondrial membrane dynamics facilitated by phospholipid-lysophospholipid transacylation

Shiro Suetsugu  (Tokyo, Japan)
The BAR domain proteins and the role of their binding proteins

Vinzenz Unger (Evanston, USA)
The Power Of Seeing - CryoEM Contributions to Understanding of Membrane Remodeling Mechanisms

Gia Voeltz (Boulder, USA)
New functions for the ER at organelle contact sites

Greg Voth (Chicago, USA)
Membrane Remodeling by Proteins: Insights and Surprises from Multiscale Simulation


Deadline for application: September 1rst, 2014


Registration fee (including board and lodging)

430 € for PhD students
630 € for other participants


Application for registration
The total number of participants is limited to 115 and all participants are expected to attend for the whole duration of the conference. Selection is made on the basis of the affinity of potential participants with the topics of the conference. Scientists and PhD Students interested in the meeting should send:

- their curriculum vitae
- the list of their main publications for the 3 last years
- the abstract of their presentation

to the Chairperson of the conference ( before the deadline. After it, the organizers will select the participants. Except in some particular cases approved by the Chairperson, it is recommended that all selected participants present their work during the conference, either in poster form or by a brief in- session talk. The organizers choose the form in which the presentations are made. No payment will be sent with application. Information on how and when to pay will be mailed in due time to those selected.

Important information:  On Wednesday November 19th, 2014, the French Society for Biology organizes a conference on vesicular traffic with J. Rothman, R. Schekman and T. Sudhof, the three 2013 Nobel prizes in physiology and medicine, at the College de France, in Paris. In coordination with the organizers of this prestigious event, the program of the Jacques Monod Conference will be adapted to make the two conferences compatible. For further information see also:


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