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Molecular basis for membrane remodelling and organization

 French version

Roscoff (Brittany), France, April 3-7, 2017


Deadline for application: January 22, 2017


Chairperson: Patricia BASSEREAU

Group Leader "Membranes and Cellular Functions", PhysicoChimie Curie (UMR CNRS 168), Institut Curie, 11 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie, 75231 Paris Cedex 5, France
Phone: +33 (0)1 56 24 67 84


Vice-chairperson: Sascha MARTENS

University of Vienna, Max F. Perutz Laboratories, Dr. Bohrgasse 9/3, 1030 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 (0)1 4277 61627


The aim of the conference is to present the most recent progresses on the molecular and biophysical basis of cellular membrane remodelling processes and of their integration into cellular organization and physiology. This will be the third Jacques Monod Conference on the topic. The 7 topics of the sessions will reflect how membrane shaping and organization play a role in vivo, from molecular scale to more integrated levels, and will also include a number of presentations with a trans-disciplinary perspective.
It is now an exciting time for the membrane biology field since new, unanticipated and ground-breaking insights are constantly gained. They result for a large part from closer interdisciplinary collaborations between scientists from different fields including biophysics, computational biology, structural biology, biochemistry, cell biology, systems biology, physiopathology, which contribute to the understanding of membrane organization and remodelling at different length and time scales. The conference will foster contacts and debates between researchers of these different origins.


Invited speakers
(provisional titles)


ANTONNY Bruno (Valbonne, France)
Lipid unsaturation and organelle dynamics

BASSEREAU Patricia (Paris, France)
Friction-driven scission by protein scaffolds

BRIGGS John (Heidelberg, Germany)
The structures of assembled membrane coats by cryo-electron tomography

DESERNO Markus (Pittsburgh, USA)
Theoretical investigations of dynamin-driven membrane fission

GAVIN Anne-Claude (Heidelberg, Germany)
Lipid transfer at the crossroads between metabolism and signaling

GOOD Matt (Philadelphia, USA)
The role of cell boundaries in GTPase signaling

GOUD Bruno (Paris, France)
Multiple roles of the Golgi-associated RAB6 GTP-ase in transport and membrane trafficking

GUERRERO Isabel (Madrid, Spain)
Membrane dynamics for cell-cell signaling during development

HAUCKE Volker (Berlin, Germany)
Spatiotemporal control of endocytosis and endolysosomal membrane traffic

HINSHAW Jenny (Bethesda, USA)
Capturing dynamin-meditated membrane fission by cryo-EM

HURLEY James (Berkeley, USA)
Self-assembly of protein complexes on membranes: From HIV assembly to autophagy

JACKSON Cathy (Paris, France)
Membrane lipid composition in cellular organization

JOHANNES Ludger (Paris, France)
Glycosphingolipids as bricks for the construction of endocytic pits by bacterial and cellular lectins

LAPALEINEN Pakka (Helsinki, Finland)
Dynamic interactions of actin-binding proteins with phosphoinositide-rich membranes

MARTENS Sascha (Vienna, Austria)
Molecular mechanisms of selective autophagy

MAYOR Satyajit (Bangalore, India)
Local control of membrane organization and composition: lessons from the cell's edge

MCMAHON Harvey (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Parkinson and membrane remodelling

MÉRESSE Stéphane (Marseille, France)
Host membrane tubulation by bacterial effector proteins

MILHIET Pierre-Emmanuel (Montpellier, France)
Tetraspanins and membrane remodelling

PALUCH Ewa (London, United Kingdom)
Actin cortex dynamics and cell shape

PRINZ William (Bethesda, USA)
Lipid droplet budding from the ER

RAPOPORT Tom (Boston, USA)
How the ER gets into shape

RAPOSO Graça (Paris, France)
Molecular mechanisms of human pigmentation: endosome dynamics and melanosome biogenesis

SCHWILLE Petra (Martinsried, Germany)
The catalytic role of the membrane in protein pattern and gradient formation

SENS Pierre (Paris, France)
Heterogeneity in non-equilibrium cellular membrane with exchange

TOOZE Sharon (London, United Kingdom)
Molecular mechanisms of autophagosome formation

VOITURIEZ Raphael (Paris, France)
From active gel models of cell mechanics to cell trajectories

WEISSENHORN Winfried (Grenoble, France)
ESCRTs and membrane remodeling

ZERIAL Marino (Dresden, Germany)
Molecular mechanisms of endosome biogenesis, tethering and fusion

ZURZOLO Chiara (Paris, France)
Tunneling nanotubes: mechanism of formation and role in the spreading of amyloidogenic proteins in neurodegenerative diseases


Deadline for application: January 22, 2017


Registration fee (including board and lodging)

450 € for PhD students
600 € for other participants


Application for registration
The total number of participants is limited to 115 and all participants are expected to attend for the whole duration of the conference. Selection is made on the basis of the affinity of potential participants with the topics of the conference. Scientists and PhD Students interested in the meeting should send:

- their curriculum vitae
- the list of their main publications for the 3 last years
- the abstract of their presentation:

The abstract must respect the following template:
- First line: title
- Second line: list of authors. Presenting author underlined
- Third line: author's addresses
- Fourth line: e-mail of the presenting author
Abstracts should be no longer than an A4 page and preferably be submitted in Times New Roman, font size 11 pts. No figures. ".doc" file format.

to the Chairperson of the conference ( and to the secretary of the conferences ( before the deadline. After it, the organizers will select the participants. Except in some particular cases approved by the Chairperson, it is recommended that all selected participants present their work during the conference, either in poster form or by a brief in- session talk. The organizers choose the form in which the presentations are made. No payment will be sent with application. Information on how and when to pay will be mailed in due time to those selected.



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