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Tracing RNA from synthesis to regulatory functions

 French version

Roscoff (Brittany), France, June 11-15, 2018


Deadline for application : April 4th, 2018


Chairperson Chairperson: René Ketting

Institute of Molecular Biology, Ackermannweg 4, 55128, Mainz, Germany
Phone: +49 6131 39-21470

Vice-chairpersons: Antonin Morillon

Institut Curie, UMR3244-Pavillon Trouillet, 26 rue d’Ulm, 75005 Paris, France
Phone: +33 (0)1 56 24 65 15


This conference will focus on every aspects of an RNA life from synthesis to regulatory activities. Session will be dedicated to control points that preserve or inactivate the balance of steady state RNA level, from transcription regulation to RNA decay and shuttling. We have carefully designed sessions to deal with small non coding RNA and long non coding RNA, from bacteria to eukaryotes. The keynote lecture will highlight this specific point of interest with the fundamental example of piRNA and genome regulation.
This conference will provide opportunities to get up-to-date with the most recent data in the main fields of the RNA world, such as genome defense, short and long ncRNAs (miRNAs, piRNAs, siRNAs, lincRNAs), transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms, or RNA processing and transport. We have taken great care to select the most exciting new discoveries. All invited speakers have been selected for their scientific excellence in the field.
This meeting will provide a forum to bring together a broad group of scientists with expert knowledge in the functions of RNAs in gene regulations as outlined above. Such a meeting is will enforce communication and interactions between fields that are not always prone to interact. We expect stimulating lectures on fascinating new topics, and new insights in already strong lines of research.


Invited speakers
(provisional titles)


Greg HANNON (Cambridge, United-Kingdom)
Biology of non-coding RNA

Jean-Christphe ANDRAU (Montpellier, France)
"will be communicated soon"

Claus AZZALIN (Zurich, Switzerland)
"will be communicated soon"

Peter BAUMANN (Kansas City, USA)
Telomerase Biogenesis and Quality Control

Xuemei CHEN (California, USA)
"will be communicated soon"

Ciaran CONDON (Paris, France)
sRNA mediated activation of gene expression by inhibition of 5'-3' exonucleolytic mRNA degradation

Dan DOMINISSINI (Ramat Gan, Israel)
"will be communicated soon"

Maria FONSECA (Lisbon, Portugal)
"will be communicated soon"

Michaela FRYE (Cambridge, United-Kingdom)
Regulatory potential of RNA modifications in translation

Antonio GIRALDEZ (New Haven, USA)
Deciphering the posttranscriptional regulatory code during development

Torben HEICK-JENSEN (Aarhus, Denmark)
Sorting RNA for function or decay

Martin JINEK (Zurich, Switzerland)
CRISPR-associated nucleases: genome defenders and editors

Chirlmin JOO (Delft, The Netherlands)
Fast and Accurate Target Recognition by Small RNAs

René KETTING (Mainz, Germany)
Regulation of germ plasm formation

Shovamayee MAHARANA (Dresden, Germany)
"will be communicated soon"

Antonin MORILLON (Paris, France)
"will be communicated soon"

Jean-Yves ROIGNANT (Mainz, Germany)
m6A mRNA modification in Drosophila

Pascale ROMBY (Strasbourg, France)
Regulatory RNAs at the crossroads of metabolism and virulence in Staphylococcus aureus

Claire ROUGEULLE (Paris, France)
"will be communicated soon"

Carla SALEH (Paris, France)
Small RNA pathways and virus persistence in mosquitoes

Bertrand SERAPHIN (Strasbourg, France)
Starting from the end: mechanisms, regulation, and pathological implications of mRNA decay

Kevin STRUHL (Boston, USA)
Closely related 3’ mRNA isoforms exhibit dramatically different structures and Pab1 binding with links to mRNA stability

Marvin TANENBAUM (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
Real-time observation of mRNA target repression by Argonaute in living cells

Jernej ULE (London, United-Kingdom)
How the assembly of RNPs instructs their distinct regulatory functions

Joerg VOGEL (Würzburg, Germany)
Ploughing through microbiome for new RNA functions

Dominique WEIL (Paris, France)
P-bodies, a reservoir of mRNAs encoding regulatory functions

Anton WUTZ (Zurich, Switzerland)
A cell genetics approach for understanding gene repression by Xist RNA


Deadline for application: April 4, 2018


Registration fee (including board and lodging)

500 € for PhD students
700 € for other participants


Application for registration
The total number of participants is limited to 115 and all participants are expected to attend for the whole duration of the conference. Selection is made on the basis of the affinity of potential participants with the topics of the conference. Scientists and PhD Students interested in the meeting should send:

- their curriculum vitae
- the list of their main publications for the 3 last years
- the abstract of their presentation:

The abstract must respect the following template:
- First line: title
- Second line: list of authors. Presenting author underlined
- Third line: author's addresses
- Fourth line: e-mail of the presenting author
Abstracts should be no longer than an A4 page and preferably be submitted in Times New Roman, font size 11 pts. No figures. ".doc" file format.

to the Chairperson of the conference ( and to the secretary of the conferences ( before the deadline. After it, the organizers will select the participants. Except in some particular cases approved by the Chairperson, it is recommended that all selected participants present their work during the conference, either in poster form or by a brief in- session talk. The organizers choose the form in which the presentations are made. No payment will be sent with application. Information on how and when to pay will be mailed in due time to those selected.


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