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2019 Conference Series


French version


Mitotic and Meiotic Cell Cycle control and executions

April 8-12, 2019, Roscoff (Brittany), France


Ligand-gated ion channels from atomic structure to synaptic transmission

May 20-24, 2019, Roscoff (Brittany), France


Integrated insect immunology: controlling infections

June 24-28, 2019, Roscoff (Brittany), France


Genome instability: when RNA meets chromatin

September 16-20, 2019, Roscoff (Brittany), France


Virus evolution on the mutualist - parasite continuum

October 21-25, 2019, Roscoff (Brittany), France



Download the 2019 Conference series poster in PDF ( 280 Ko)


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