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CNRS Research Networks

The Research Networks in mathematics which are funded by the CNRS do not have significant resources at their disposal. Their aim is to encourage meetings between mathematicians and possibly specialists from other fields, who are interested by a theme under development, in order to increase contacts between members of these communities as well as to facilitate the integration of young people, Ph.D. students or young Ph.D. holders.

Research units or sections of the research units, which are attached to the CNRS may be brought together with a shared scientific aim, and may put all or part of their resources in common within a research network. The units that take part in a research network nevertheless maintain their own identity.

Thus, the CNRS supports more than twenty national GDRs in all fields of mathematics.

The 920520SOSI decision of July 24, 1992 such as amended, on the organization and functioning of operational research structures, provides some interesting details on the GDR.

List and contact details for the UMR in mathematics

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