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One of the main characteristic of scientific research in the Marseilles region is the presence of many top-class mathematical laboratories. These last years have seen a development of collaborations between mathematicians with other scientists. Besides this, there as been an harmonization of the science policy, a globalization of documentary resources and a new organization of research schemes.

Marseilles has become a unique site for research, and development of research, in pure and applied mathematics. Indeed, besides the Laboratory in Analysis, Topology and Probability (LATP, UMR 6632), at Château Gonbert, the research federation regroups the Center of Theoretical Physics (CPT, UMR 6207), the International Center for Mathematical Meetings (CIRM, UMS 822), one of only two such centers in the world, and the Luminy Institute of Mathematics (Institut Mathématiques de Luminy, UMR 6206) all three located at Luminy.

The research federation was begun in Marseilles in 1997. To coordinate and formalize already existing collaborations, the three laboratories, IML, CPT and LATP have formed the the Federation of Research of the Mathematical Units of Marseilles (FRUMAM). The Research Federation 2291 was officially created on January 1, 2001.

The federation is under the supervision of the universities of Aix-Marseille I, II and III, the Université du Sud-Toulon-Var and the CNRS.

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