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Founded in 1978, the International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics (CIMPA) aims to promote international cooperation in mathematics for the benefit of developing countries in the fields of higher education and research in mathematics and their interactions, and in related disciplines. To fulfil this goal, the CIMPA organizes schools, seminars and conducts researchers networks. Its activities are concentrated in places where there is a real will to create and develop mathematics, and research projectscan be carried out.

The CIMPA is an association under the 1901 law and is a UNESCO center, based in Nice, now funded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis.

Each year a call for projects is made to organize research schools that last about two weeks in developing countries. Their aim is to contribute to trainnew generations of mathematicians. The CIMPA has gained strong recognition both nationally and internationally and regular evaluations of the activity of the CIMPA show that it functions in a satisfying way.

Since 2007, the CIMPA Board of Directors have expressed the wish to change the CIMPA into a European center so that other countries could provide financial support and participate in its scientific activities. Such a development would give the CIMPA more resources to fulfil its mission : the CIMPA could respond to the numerous requests from developing countries that its current capacity cannot meet.

The CIMPA Board of Directors is :
-  TSOU Sheung Tsun (President), Professor in Mathematical Physics, Oxford University.
-  Alain DAMLAMIAN (Vice President), Professor in non-linear Analysis and non-linear PDEs, University of Paris 12, Val de Marne.
-  Jean-Marc BARDET (Secretary), Professor in Probability and Statistics, University of Paris 1.
-  Bernard ROUSSELET (Treasurer), Professor in non-linear Vibrations and Optimization, University of Nice.

The CIMPA management team consists of RSR (regional scientific officials) and the Head of Communications :
- Sub-Saharan Africa : Marie-Francoise ROY
- Latin America and the Caribbean : Claude CIBILS (Director)
- Southeast Asia : Michel Jambu,
- India and Central and West Asia : Michel Waldschmidt
- Mediterranean Region : Ahmad El Soufi
- Communication : Rosane USHIROBIRA

The CIMPA activities are subject to the supervision of an independent Scientific Boardthat guarantees their quality.

For the moment, the CIMPA receives € 190Kfundsfrom the Directorate General for Research and Innovation (attached to the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education), € 50K from the Directorate for European and International Relations and Cooperation (DREIC) and approximately € 8K from UNESCO. Spain through the Ministerio de Ciencia y de Innovacion (MICINN) plans to gives CIMPA a grant of € 50K in 2010. Two academics (1 professor and 1 PRAG) are lent to the CIMPA by Nice University.

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