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Documentary Resources Coordination Cell : Mathdoc

Joint Service Unit n° 5638

The Joint Service Unit’s aim is not to do research, but to support it. The 920520SOSI decision of July 24th 1992, such as amended, on the organization and functioning of operational research structures, provides some interesting details on the UMS.

The Joint Service Unit (UJF - MENRT - CNRS) "Documentary Resources Coordination Cell", aka Mathdoc cell, was created under an establishment agreement of Joseph Fourier University.

The Mathdoc cell’s principal goals are :

  To develop numerical libraries containing the whole French mathematical production from its start to this days : NUMDAM server
  To support the academic scientific publication through the development and sharing of tools for editing and publishing online : CEDRAM server
  To develop services on a national level (and in many international collaborations) for uploading, reporting and locating mathematical documents of all kinds : Mathematics Documentation Portal (Portail Documentaire Mathématique)
  To give technical and technological support in documentary computer science to mathematics libraries and laboratoriesthrough developments, advice or training activities.

It also contributed to strengthenthe European scope of the database Zentralblatt-Math, especially by developing its search engine and web interface and proposing a set of mirror sites. Today it has specialized in digital documents and databases.

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