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Mathematical Laboratories Computer Engineers Network : Mathrice

Service Network n° 2754

Research units, service units or parts thereof can form a Service Network (GDS), in order to group part, or the whole, of their resources to achieve a common goal. The members of a Service Network preserve their own individuality.

The CNRS has created two GDS alloted to the Mathematics, Mathrice is one of them.

Mathrice is a network is a network of computer engineers working in French mathematical laboratories .

Mathrice was created in 2000 and is now completely operational ; it regroups almost every computer network administrator of these laboratories. Mathrice has become a vital tool for the smooth operation of a number of mathematical laboratories.

Formally, Mathrice is a Service Network (GDS 2754, directed by Ph. Depouilly). It is a (virtual) place for exchange and communications between the computer engineers (or equivalent) of the different CNRS mathematical laboratories. Mathrice offers a number of facilities to the mathematical academic community (a directory, a software licence server, an on-line platform…).

The GDS was renewed in 2008 for a four year term.

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Mathrice Website