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National Mathematical Libraries Network, Service Network n°2755

Research units, service units or parts thereof can form a Service Network (GDS), in order to group part, or the whole, of their resources to achieve a common goal. The members of a Service Network preserve their own individuality.

The CNRS has created two GDS alloted to the Mathematics, the National Mathematical Libraries Network is one of them.

The National Mathematical Libraries Network (GDS 2755) was officially initiated in 2004. It was made to replace and strengthen an already existing network which had grouped since 1996 some sixty French mathematical libraries.

In 1974, an informal initiative concerning mathematical documentation, gave birth, in 1983, to a national association of mathematical libraries uniting mathematicians and librarians.

Due to a long reflection and common efforts the network was finally made durable : in 1996, the first officials of the RNBM were elected and Geneviève Sureau and Bernard Teissier were confirmed in their positions. Significantly, they made the first agreement of partnership with Springer in France.

In January 2004 an official framework for the RNBM was created : it became a CNRS Service Network (GDS 2755), with two co-directors Jean-Benoîst Bost and Liliane Zweig. Since then agreements and partnerships have encreased : with the consortium Couperin for the university and the INIST for the CNRS. The GDS was renewed in 2008 for a four year term.

The RNBM seeks to guarantee the quality, durability and specificity of mathematical documentation, and also to reinforce the libraries mutual assistantship and collaboration between librarians and researchers from other countries or other domains.

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