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CNRS-Momentum : Call for Proposals 2018

CNRS launches a call for proposals that aims at enabling independent and talented young scientists to create and lead an original project within a CNRS affiliated laboratory.

The call is open to young researchers, CNRS tenured or without permanent position, having defended their PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) after 12/31/2010(1), whatever their nationality.
Laureates of a similar funding are not eligible (e.g. ATIP program, ANR, ERC, Chaire d’excellence).

In 2019, the CNRS-Momentum program will support projects within the following emerging and transverse themes (see the full text of the Call) :

  • 1. Modeling the living
  • 2. Understanding complex networks
  • 3. Decrypting brain algorithms
  • 4. Applying data science to the Earth and the Universe
  • 5. Boosting sciences for sport
  • 6. Assessing the effects of low doses
  • 7. Studying phenomena at physical interfaces
  • 8. Meeting the challenges of machine learning
  • 9. Designing systems inspired by nature
  • 10. Showing the invisible
  • 11. Rethinking the urban ecosystem
  • 12. Revisiting the carbon cycle
  • 13. Exploring collective intelligence

The CNRS-Momentum funding is allocated for a period of 3 years, from January 1st, 2019. It includes :

  • 1. Three-year salary for non-tenured successful applicants ;
  • 2. Two-year salary for a postdoctoral researcher/engineer or one-year salary for a technician ;
  • 3. Travel, equipment and operating costs up to a maximum of € 60,000 a year.

How to apply :
The application form must be completed on-line here.
The model of scientific project must be downloaded and the project must be joined at the end of the application form (the document must not exceed 8 pages, must be saved in PDF format and named Momentum2018_Project_LASTNAME_Firstame).

Full text of the Call :
PDF - 409.4 ko
Model of scientific project :
Word - 100.2 ko
PDF - 230.9 ko

Deadline for submission of projects : May 23, 2018 at noon (Paris time)

Contact :
Equipe Momentum

(1) Also eligible are candidates who have defended their PhD during a period prior to 31/12/2010 at most equal to the actual period of career interruption due to maternity, adoption, paternity, parental leave, long-term sick leave or national service, on presentation of supporting documents. Example : A candidate who took 6 months of parental leave in 2011 is eligible if he obtained his doctorate after 30/06/2010.