Éric Michel, Akari Lisa Ishii
A CNRS Production

Three dimensions are waiting for you with Platonium. The first is a dizzying vista of the infinitely small and the infinitely large. It is also a work which when experienced overall transports visitors from a dark space abounding with mysterious images towards another larger space in which a monumental light well plays off facades and a fountain. Finally, hidden behind this production there is a prodigious scientific dimension which can be explored either before or after visiting the site.

This immersive exhibition was created for the 2016 International Year of Light in the framework of a partnership between Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University, the Université de Lyon and three research laboratories (ILM, IRCELYON and CRAL ). It was based on cutting-edge scientific research in Lyon which was reinterpreted from the viewpoint of artists. Some of this research echoes themes from the COP 21, the 2015 Climate Change Conference (Paris, November-December 2015).

It was first presented at the 2016 Festival of Lights in Lyon and was greatly acclaimed, winning the Récylum Sustainable Light Trophy at the Festival of Lights for its creativity, innovation and eco-responsibility.