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Section names and pilot institutes

Section Intitulé
Institut principal
Institut secondaire
01 Interactions, particles, nuclei, from the laboratory to the cosmos
02 Physical theories: methods, models and applications
03 Condensed matter physics: structures and electronic properties
04 Physics of atoms, molecules and plasmas. Optics and lasers
05 Condensed matter physics: structure and dynamics
06 Computer and Information Sciences: Foundations of Computer Science, Computation, Algorithms, Data and Knowledge Representation, Information Processing
07 Information sciences : signals, images, languages, automatic control, robotics, interactions, hardware-software integrated systems
08 Micro- and nanotechnologies, micro- and nanosystems, photonics, electronics, electromagnetism, electrical energy
09 Solid mechanics. Materials and structurals. Biomechanics. Acoustics.
10 Fluid and reactive media : transport, transfer and transformation processes
11 Soft matter: synthesis, development, assemblies, structure, properties, functions
12 Molecular architectures: synthesis, mechanisms and properties
13 Physical, theoretical and analytical chemistry
14 Coordination chemistry, catalysis and reaction processes, interfaces
15 Chemistry of materials, nanomaterials and processes
16 Chemistry and living organisms
17 Solar system and distant universe
18 Earth and the Terrestrial Planets: structure, history and models
19 The Earth System: superficial envelopes
20 Molecular and structural biology, biochemistry
21 Organisation, expression and evolution of genomes
22 Cell biology, Developmental biology, Evolutionary developmental biology
23 Integrative biology of photosynthetic organisms and associated microorganisms
24 Physiology, physiopathology, cancer biology
25 Molecular and Cellular Neurobiology, Neurophysiology
26 Brain, cognition, behaviour
27 Host/pathogen relationships, immunology, inflammation
28 Pharmacology – Engineering and technologies for health–biomédical imaging
29 Biodiversity, evolution and biological adaptations: from macromolecules to communities
30 Continental Surface and Interfaces
31 Humankinds and environments: evolution, interactions
32 Ancient and medieval worlds
33 Modern and Contemporary Worlds
34 Language Sciences
35 Philosophy, literature, arts
36 Sociology et legal studies
37 Economics and Management
38 Social anthropology and comparative studies of contemporary societies
39 Spaces, Territories, Societies
40 Politics, Power, Organization
41 Mathematics and interactions of mathematics