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6 laureates from France at the 67th “Nobel Prize Laureates Meeting” in Lindau, Germany

2 mars 2017

Every year, since 1951, the "Nobel Prize Laureates Meetings" in Lindau give the opportunity to many young researchers, with a great potential and from all over the world, to meet Nobel Laureates.
These meetings, designed as a forum for exchange, networking and inspiration, deal alternately with the fields of physiology and medicine, physics and chemistry - the 3 Nobel Prize disciplines in natural sciences. In addition, an interdisciplinary meeting takes place every 5 years, while the Lindau Meeting of Economics is organized every 4 years.
In 2017, 400 young scientists from 76 countries have been selected for this 67th edition which will be dedicated to chemistry. Thus far, 31 Nobel laureates have confirmed their participation.

The CNRS, the only French academic partner taking part in these meetings, proposes, for each session, a list of candidates from French laboratories. This year, the Lindau jury has nominated 6 laureates from France. The young PhD and post-doctoral researchers come from joint laboratories associated with the CNRS in partnership respectively with :

  • the University of Strasbourg (ISIS Institute) ;
  • Montpellier University and the ENSCM – Chimie Montpellier (the Charles Gerhardt Institute & the Max Mousseron Institute) ;
  • Pierre & Marie Curie University and Ecole normale supérieure in Paris (PASTEUR -UMR8640) ;
  • the CEMES and the LCC, two CNRS laboratories in Toulouse.

    For further information, please visit the following website : Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings