Application process

View the application process for researcher exams (women/men).

The competitive entrance examinations are organised by scientific discipline or group of disciplines. For some exams the scientific topics to be covered are announced. The exams can be associated with one or more CNRS scientific institute(s), depending on the disciplinary or interdisciplinary nature of the topics. There is no limit to the number of applications for a given campaign. You can apply to several different exams, but it is recommended that you choose those that correspond most closely to your qualifications, work and research goals.

Unlike most recruitment examinations, the researcher exams are open to candidates of all nationalities. Each year, nearly one-third of the candidates hired by the CNRS are from countries other than France (including some 90 different nationalities).
There is no limit on the number of candidates, and no age limit for application, provided that the candidate has not yet reached retirement age.
All candidates must strictly comply with the deadline date and time, which are defined by regulations. All modifications of your application file and the submission of additional material (publications, theses) by post must be completed before the registration deadline.

After the registration deadline:

application files can no longer be modified,
no further applications can be accepted,
no additional materials can be submitted.

In the Candidate’s Guide you can find all the pertinent specifications and recommendations for preparing for your examination.