Denis VeynanteDirector of the Computing–Data Mission

An engineer at the Ecole Centrale in Paris, Denis Veynante is a senior researcher at the EM2C laboratory (CNRS CentraleSupélec). His work and teaching in high-energy physics focus on turbulent combustion, particularly in relation to the aviation and car industries. He has received the CNRS Bronze Medal and the "Grand Prix" of the Institut Français du Pétrole (French Academy of Sciences). He has been involved in a number of initiatives in connection with the organization of research at the CNRS. In 2015, Denis Veynante was appointed president of the MiCaDo ComputingData Mission. In this quality, he represents the CNRS on the boards of directors of GENCI (French very large-scale computing center), Renater (French research and education network) and CINES (National higher education computing center).


The Computing-Data Mission (MiCaDo) implements the CNRS policy with regard to high-performance computing, grids, Cloud and Big Data infrastructure. In particular, it is in charge of developing a joint strategy with CNRS partners and ensuring that this stragegy is coherent with national and international initiatives. This structure is allocated resources whose administrative management is entrusted to the ten CNRS Institutes, the directors of the CNRS National Computing Centers (CC-IN2P3 and IDRIS), and several experts.