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Joint Research Units (“Unités Mixtes de Recherche” – UMR)

The Joint Research Units (UMR) are laboratories which are recognized and backed by both the CNRS and by one or more other organizations, most of the time by one or more universities or “grandes écoles”.

Most of the time they are composed of academics, CNRS researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff of a mathematics department at a university.

Note that they also exist in all of the “Ecoles Normales Supérieures” and at the “Ecole Polytechnique”.

The UMR label gives them right to employ researchers, engineers, technicians and administrative staff from the CNRS, as well as access to funds and to numerous other resources at the disposal of the CNRS in the field of international cooperation, temporary "no teaching" positions, documentary resources, etc.

A UMR may host Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows financially supported by the CNRS.

The 920520SOSI decision of July 24, 1992 such as amended, on the organization and functioning of operational research structures, provides some interesting details on the UMR.

List and contact details for the UMR in mathematics