Present in all fields of knowledge, the CNRS ranks among the leading global research institutions for its excellent research and innovation achievements.

The CNRS at the top of international rankings

Created during the 2000s, international rankings compare research and higher-education institutions based on quantitative and qualitative criteria. They are established by private information analysis companies, commercial scientific publishers, or public research groups. The emergence of international rankings and their presence in the research landscape should be seen in the context of global competition between institutions.

5th patent filer in France

The CNRS comes 5th among France’s largest patent filers in a ranking published by the country’s National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi) in 2017. It comes second among research organisations after the CEA.

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4e au classement Nature Index

En 2020, le CNRS est au 4e rang mondial du classement Nature Index, le classement international des institutions scientifiques de la revue Nature.

Nature Index

1st in the Nature Index ranking

With a total of 4,589 articles referenced in 2017, the CNRS holds the top spot in the international ranking of scientific institutions proposed by Nature magazine (Article Count ranking, 2016), ahead of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Max Planck Society in Germany, Harvard University in the US, and the Spanish National Research Council.

Nature Index


2nd in Scimago Institutions Rankings

According to the 2017 SIR ranking (Scimago Institutions Rankings), the CNRS is the second most important global research institution in terms of scientific publications. Now preceded by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the CNRS remains ahead of Harvard University (US). The ranking evaluated more than 5,100 universities and research organisations throughout the world, and was based on the indexing of global scientific publications in the Scopus database.



6e déposant de brevet en France

Le CNRS se place à la 6e place du palmarès des déposants de brevets publiés en 2020 auprès de l'Institut national de la propriété industrielle (Inpi) et confirme ainsi sa place d’acteur majeur de l’innovation.

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4th most visible research institution on the Web

The CNRS ranks 4th worldwide and 2nd in Europe among research institutes in the “Webometrics” global Web visibility ranking.



8th most innovative public research institution

For Thomson Reuters, the CNRS comes 8th in the global rankings of the most innovative public research organisations in the world.

Thomson Reuters