Marie-Laure Inisan-EhretDirector

A certified public finance administrator, Marie-Laure Inisan-Ehret began her career in France as a tax inspector in 1980. Having held a number of senior positions, she was named head of regional tax services in 1999. Promoted to first class tax collector in 2006, she oversaw the network facilitating the changeover to the Helios accounting software program in the Paris region. In 2013, she was named director of the national dematerialization program under the Ministry of Finance. After serving as an accountant at the French National Institute for Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (INRIA) from 2012 to 2015, she joined the CNRS as principal accountant and head of the DCIF.


The DCIF ensures the regulatory compliance of the CNRS's accounting activities and the coherency of financial and accounting information. It monitors and records all management operations concerning the use of loans and the implementation of the budget. It guarantees the exhaustive ness and quality of the data and provides financial information according to the needs and schedules of the management team, relevant departments, or supervisory authorities. Within its field, it is also in charge of data administration and project management for information systems.

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