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The Institute for Higher Scientific Studies (“Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques” – IHÉS) is an institute of advanced research in mathematics, theoretical physics and other science that could be attached to it. It is a private law foundation established in 1958. The institute has both regular State subsidies as well as its own resources that come from donations. It plays a more important role in the French mathematics than one could think considering the size of the institute.

It provides scientists of an exceptional stature with a place where they devote themselves entirely to their research, without any teaching obligation or administrative duties, and where they can host visitors in order to work together.

Thus, the IHES welcomes each year some 200 mathematicians and theoretical physicists from all around the world while they remain entirely free in terms of themes of research, which allows them to change their specialty if they wish to.

The Scientific Board, in collaboration with CNRS researchers visiting on a long-term basis, selects the visitors to the IHES. The selection process takes place twice a year (in June and December) and is solely conducted according to the criteria of scientific excellence of the candidates.

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