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Interdisciplinary Programs of CNRS


CNRS is the only French research organization able to support innovative interdisciplinary projects in which its teams join forces across a broad range of scientific fields. Thus, the interdisciplinary programs of CNRS contribute to the emergence of new fields, to the structuring of research, to the definition and implementation of the Organization’s scientific policy and strategy. The aim is to provide support for the most dynamic teams and the most promising projects, to ensure the development of complementary research among different fields and to establish multidisciplinary objectives.

The interdisciplinary programs of CNRS are different from the programs of the ANR and play a complementary role. They fund novel projects at the interface of disciplines in fundamental research. They make it possible to support new research avenues, often involving risks. Moreover, the interdisciplinary programs specifically make it possible to promote innovative and original processes.


The main objectives of the Interdisciplinary Programs are

  • To support the emergence of new research themes at the interface of traditional fields;
  • To provide answers to scientific and technological challenges as well as socio-economic objectives or societal problems;
  • To structure the scientific community by supporting exchanges between researchers from different disciplines and by facilitating the installation and the use of common equipment;
  • To help build teams and projects for ANR and European calls.

For more information, see the French website of Interdisciplinary Programs.