Momentum: CNRS issues second call for proposals from young male and female researchers

Institutional matters

The CNRS is issuing its second Momentum call for proposals from young male and female researchers around the world, to support their projects in emerging and innovative areas. Researchers in all fields may apply. Winners will receive funding for three years.

Riding the wave of the successful first edition of its Momentum program, launched in 2016, the CNRS issued a second call for proposals on Tuesday, April 3. The CNRS has selected thirteen themes for eligible projects—including collective intelligence, the urban ecosystem, the challenges of automatic learning, and the effects of low doses. Applicants may be scientists of any nationality and need not be CNRS officers, but they must have obtained their PhDs within the last 8 years.

The Momentum program offers winners as much as €60,000 in annual research funding, two years of pay for a postdoctoral researcher they take on board, and their own salary if they are not already tenured CNRS researchers. 

Modeled after the ATIP-Avenir program for biology and life science research, which has been very effective over the last thirty-some years, Momentum aims to attract young male and female researchers across the globe working on emerging and innovative topics. Each of the thirteen chosen themes is interdisciplinary in its scope, having the potential to interest scientists from different fields. 

Thirteen themes of the call for proposals:

-    Modeling the living 
-    Understanding complex networks
-    Decrypting brain algorithms
-    Applying data science to the Earth and the Universe
-    Boosting sciences for sport
-    Assessing the effects of low doses
-    Studying phenomena at physical interfaces
-    Meeting the challenges of machine learning
-    Designing systems inspired by nature
-    Showing the invisible
-    Rethinking the urban ecosystem
-    Revisiting the carbon cycle
-    Exploring collective intelligence                                                                  

Find out more about the 2018 CNRS Momentum call for proposals here.


Priscilla Dacher
Deputy head of CNRS press office