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Jean Tirole
2007 CNRS Gold Medal laureate

Jean Tirole - © CNRS Photothèque / C. Lebedinsky

The CNRS Gold Medal, the highest award in France for scientific research, has been awarded to Jean Tirole, one the world’s leading economists. Tirole, 54, is a researcher at GREMAQ (1), a joint research unit of Université Toulouse 1 / CNRS / EHESS / INRA. He and his team have made Toulouse into one of the top two European centers for research in economics. Tirole, basing his work on game theory and information theory, built the foundations for the New Industrial Economics. Tirole is the author of eight books, four of which are considered major reference works the world over. He is an active participant in public debate, helping to shape economic policy.


Tirole’s work leans heavily on two concepts:

  • game theory, which represents and predicts the strategies of different interdependent players, each with his own goals
  • information theory, which shows what use these players make of strategic information

A mathematician by training, Tirole discovered economics as a student at École Polytechnique. His doctoral training was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), at that time the best economics department in the world. Tirole then taught at MIT from 1984 to 1991, and has had a permanent visiting professorship there ever since.


For more information see the Press packet (in french).

1 - Groupe de recherche en économie mathématique et quantitative, or Research Group on Mathematical and Quantitative Economics.