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Joint research projects (PRCs)

To assist researchers in initiating scientific collaboration with a foreign partner, CNRS funds research trips and short-term stays. The goal is for researchers to work together on a jointly defined project.

The exchanges take place within the framework of general cooperation agreements between CNRS and foreign research organizations.

How long does the project last?

A project is initially scheduled for one year, and may be renewed once. During that period, researchers may visit each other on short-term stays.

Who can apply?

  • In France, CNRS researchers, as well as academic staff from other institutions who work in CNRS-affiliated units.
  • Outside France, researchers and academics from research organizations or universities.

How and when to apply?

A call for proposals is published annually.

Researchers who wish to work with a foreign partner must first ensure that their partner works for an organization with which CNRS has signed a general cooperation agreement. Deadlines for submitting proposals vary according to the country, and are published on the website of the CNRS office of european research and international cooperation (DERCI).

The call for proposals and the application form are also available on the DERCI website.

How are proposals evaluated?

Proposals are evaluated at both CNRS and the partner institution, if this is provided for in a bilateral Agreement.

At CNRS, assessments are carried out by the relevant thematic institutes.

How are exchanges funded?

Funding comes from both CNRS and the partner institution. According to the type of cooperation agreement signed beforehand between the partners, either each organization pays for its researchers' travel expenses and visiting researchers' accommodation expenses, or each organization covers all of the expenses of its own researchers.

Scientific and financial reports must be submitted annually.