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ATIP-AVENIR 2015 programme (CNRS-Inserm)


nb ATIP-AVENIR Program 2015 List of selected candidates





Under a partnership between Inserm and CNRS, a call for proposals is launched aimed at :

  • Enabling young scientists to create and lead a team within an established Inserm or
    CNRS laboratory in France. The ATIP - Avenir teams will strengthen the research of the host
    units but will develop independently their own scientific project.
  • Promote mobility and attract young team leaders of high-level working abroad.


The ATIP - AVENIR grant is allocated for a period of 3 years. After evaluation, it can be extended for an additional 2 years.

It is open to any young scientists, whatever their present position and nationality, who have
defended their PhD (or equivalent doctoral degree) within the last 10 years (after October 29, 2003)*. Successful applicants will have to develop their projects within a structure in which he/she has not been working for more than 18 months** and will not find any previous mentors (of PhD and/or postdoctorate). Laureates of a grant for the young researchers similar to the ATIP-Avenir program are not eligible (e.g. "Young investigator" or "Chairs of Excellence" ANR programmes or “ERC Starting Grant”). No more than two applications are allowed. Projects must relate to Life sciences or Health. The interdisciplinary projects allying the biology to the mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry, public health (more specifically economic and social sciences research about social determinants of health), will be examined with a particular attention. Applications from clinicians and qualified women are strongly encouraged.

*Exceptions can be granted for maternity (one year per children) or military service leaves
**Exceptions can be granted to teachers from university hospitals


Applications must be submitted in electronic form before November 27th 2014.



CNRS contact:

Catherine Cavard

atip-avenir AT

Inserm contact:

Christine Guillard or Christiane Durieux

atip-avenir AT


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