The National Committee for Scientific Research

CID 53 : Science in society: the production, circulation and uses of knowledge and technology


The pilot entity of the CID is : Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences - INSHS

Sections of affiliation : All


. Scientific practices and methods: epistemology; regimes of scientific proof; participatory science; the circulation and publication of knowledge; scientific integrity and research ethics; science and technology law.
. Health and environmental risks: emerging risks and weak signals; warning systems; assessment, measurement and modelling; social perceptions and impacts; prevention, precaution and regulation.
. Life sciences and technologies: the construction of knowledge; political, economic and social uses; gender and science; health data; digital health.
. Digital technologies and society: political, economic and social issues; governance and regulation; digital networks; artificial intelligence; algorithms; digital data.
. Science, expertise and decision-making: public controversies; public debate about knowledge; collective expertise; decision-making in uncertain situations.

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