CoNRS - The Scientific Board (CS)


The CNRS Scientific Board ensures the consistency of the CNRS' scientific policy in coordination with all the National Committee's scientific advisory bodies.

It considers in particular:

- the general guidelines of the CNRS' scientific policy
- the common principles for assessing the quality of research and the researchers' activity
- the creation or termination of programs concerning one or several institutes
- the methods for distributing financial and human resources among the institutes, programs concerning several institutes, and common services
- the strategic plan and the multi-year contract (between the French government and the CNRS)

It issues an opinion on proposed nominations of members for the Institute Scientific Boards and may request the opinion of the CNRS Ethics Committee.
The President of the Scientific Board sits on the Board of Directors and has an advisory vote.


The CNRS Scientific Board has 30 members who are elected or appointed from the scientific and economic communities. The Board meets at least three times a year:

- 11 Members are directly elected by and from the CNRS staff and people contributing to its activities.
- 19 members (including three from the economic community) are appointed by the French Research Ministry, nominated by the CNRS President or by members of the CNRS Scientific Board, including eight foreign members, five of whom work in European Union countries (excluding France).

A Bureau consisting of a President, a Scientific Secretary and a maximum of five members of the Scientific Board is elected at the beginning of each mandate.

2018-2023 Mandate

Scientific Board Member Directory

Recommendations (in French)

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