CoNRS - Composition

Coordination Authorities

The Conference of Presidents of the National Committee: CPCN

The CPCN represents the sections and interdisciplinary commission of the National Committee before various decision-making or advisory bodies, both inside and outside the CNRS.

The CPCN meets at least three times a year, and with the CNRS President in a plenary session before each assessment session.

CPCN members include each President of the CoNRS sections and Interdisciplinary Commissions, as well as the Scientific Secretaries Coordinator. The CPCN contributes to the coordination and discussions between different fields.

CoNRS Executive Committee: C3N

The CoNRS Executive Committee, an offshoot of the entire National Committee, may take up any problem concerning the scientific policy specific to the CNRS and all French research activities. C3N can also meet at Management's request.

The C3N comprises the President and Bureau members of the Scientific Board (CS), the President and Bureau Members of the CPCN, and the Presidents of the Institute Scientific Boards (CSI).

The Scientific Secretaries Committee: SSC

The Scientific Secretaries Committee of the Sections and CIDs meet to discuss their operating methods and harmonize their practices.