CoNRS - Les conseils scientifiques d'institut (CSI)

CNRS has set up an Institute Scientific Board for each of its 10 institutes


These Institute Scientific Boards (CSI):

- advise and assist the Institute Directors through prospective advice and recommendations on the relevance and opportunity of the Institute's projects and activities
- provide an opinion on areas of disagreement between the sections' recommendations and the institutes' positions, arising during a meeting between the Institute Director, CSI President, and the Presidents of the sections involved
- provide an opinion on the appointment of members for admission boards concerning researchers


Each CSI has 24 members who meet at least twice a year, when convened by the Director of the Institute:

- 12 members directly elected by and from the CNRS staff and people contributing to its activities.
- 12 members appointed by the CNRS President, following the recommendation of the Scientific Board, including foreign members, half of whom work in European Union countries (excluding France).

A Bureau is created for each CSI, including:

- a President elected by the Institute Scientific Board
- four members: two are elected and two are appointed by the Director of the Institute, chosen among members of the CSI.

List of CSIs for the current mandate:

INSB: Institute of Biological Sciences
INC: Institute of Chemistry
INEE: Institute of Ecology and Environment
INSHS: Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences
INS2I: Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies
INSIS: Institute of Engineering and Systems Sciences
INSMI: Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Their Interactions
INP: Institute of Physics
IN2P3: National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics
INSU: National Institute of Earth and Astronomical Sciences