CoNRS - Les conseils scientifiques d'institut (CSI)

For each of the 10 institutes of the CNRS, an Institute scientific Board is set up


These Institute Scientific Boards (CSI):

- advise and assist the Institute Directors through prospective advice and recommendations on the relevance and opportunity of the Institute's projects and activities
- provide an opinion on areas of disagreement between the sections' recommendations and the institutes' positions, arising during a meeting between the Institute Director, CSI President, and the Presidents of the sections involved
- provide an opinion on the appointment of members for admission boards concerning researchers


Each CSI has 24 members who meet at least twice a year, when convened by the Director of the Institute:

- 12 members directly elected by and from the CNRS staff and people contributing to its activities.
- 12 members appointed by the President of the CNRS, on the advice of the Scientific Board, including foreign experts, at least half of whom work in European Union countries (other than France).

A Bureau is created for each CSI, including:

- a President elected by the Institute Scientific Board
- four members: two are elected and two are appointed by the Director of the Institute, chosen among members of the CSI.

List of CSIs for the current mandate:

INSB: Institute of Biological Sciences
INC: Institute of Chemistry
INEE: Institute of Ecology and Environment
INSHS: Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences
INS2I: Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies
INSIS: Institute of Engineering and Systems Sciences
INSMI: Institute for Mathematical Sciences and Their Interactions
INP: Institute of Physics
IN2P3: National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics
INSU: National Institute of Earth and Astronomical Sciences