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Section 08  :Micro- and nanotechnologies, micro- and nanosystems, photonics, electronics, electromagnetism, electrical energy



Nanomaterials, functional materials and heterostructures, nanofabrication processes, characterisation
instrumentation for nanotechnologies, functionalisation and integration
Micro and nano-devices, micro and nano-systems, micro-sensors and micro-actuators, micro-robotics, biochips, organs-on-chips (OOC), labs-on-chips (LOC)
Generation, detection, control of light, photonic nanostructures
Meta-materials and meta-surfaces
Components for optoelectronics and photonics, photonic integrated circuits, heterogeneous/hybrid integration, nanophotonics, lasers
All-optical data transmission and processing
Devices and technologies for quantum optics, cryptography, atomic interferometry
Imaging, measurement and instrumentation, complex optical media, biophotonics
Acoustic micro/nano-devices and systems for phononics and instrumentation
Materials, technologies, components and characterisation methods for photovoltaics
Electronic components and functions, circuits and systems
Flexible electronics, heterogeneous integration
Spintronic devices and systems, nanomagnetism
Integrated circuits, Systems-on-chips (SOC), design and system architecture, testing, safety, reliability
Bio-inspired systems and technologies for molecular programming and artificial intelligence, devices / architectures / systems for neuromorphic computing and molecular / organic electronics
Electromagnetic and acoustic waves, propagation, imaging and inverse diffraction, EMC, bioelectromagnetism, interaction between waves and living matter,
Devices, circuits and systems (active and passive) from RF to THz frequencies, antennas, radar
Coupled modelling, design, optimization, simulation and multi-scale effects
Materials, components and functions integration for electrical energy and power electronics
Generation and storage of electric power, electric grids and smartgrids, electric and hybrid mobility, optimized energy management
Processing and storage systems of information and energy, systems for health and environment, electrochemical systems
Micro-energy: harvesting, scavenging, storage, conversion, transport
Technologies and processes for green engineering and including environmental constraints

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