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Section 09  :Solid mechanics. Materials and structurals. Biomechanics. Acoustics.



Continuous media, heterogeneities, discrete systems
Multi-scale approaches, multiphysics couplings
Mechanical systems, micro- and nano-systems, robot mechanics
Theoretical mechanics
Numerical simulation, high performance computing
Solid mechanics approaches integrating experimental data and simulation
Imaging and full field measurements for experimental mechanics and acoustics
Structures, civil engineering, geomechanics.
Engineering of structural, active and multifunctional materials including bio-based materials
Material forming including additive manufacturing
Plasticity, damage, fracture, fatigue
Behaviour of granular materials, porous materials.
Tribology, surfaces, interfaces.
Dynamics and control of systems.
Mechanics of and for the living. Mechanobiology. Mechanics for bioengineering
Elastic and acoustic waves.
Vibration, structural dynamics, fast dynamics
Evaluation, non-destructive testing
Physical and perceptual acoustics
Acoustics of the voice, bioacoustics
Acoustic and elastic metamaterials

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